main.jpgIn a turn of events that should serve as proof positive that products involving multi-hyphenate megastars are, quality be damned, likely to trump pretty much any kind of competition, Monster-in-Law pulled in $24 million this weekend. That's $4 million more than the first-week tally of last weekend's number one film, the serious historical epic Kingdom of Heaven, which dropped 51% this week to come in at number four. Even this weekend's number two film, the Will Ferrell-anchored soccer-dad comedy Kicking and Screaming, just barely beat Kingdom's opening take, bringing in $20.9 million and landing at number two. A cursory glance at this weekend's numbers would suggest that nothing released in the past month has had any significant staying power. The oldest film in the top ten is The Interpreter, which opened just three weeks ago. Full figures after the jump.