britney-spears-001.jpgJust when you thought Crossroads put an end to Britney Spears' plans for an acting career, Teen Hollywood reports that Spears has just signed on to produce and star in a new film. Trading Paint will start production later this year, after Spears gives birth to her first child. The film will tell the story of two rival motor racing drivers who survive a terrifying crash. And, yes, you guessed it - Britney will play (a girl not yet) a woman who tries to reunite them. It's funny how old news Spears has become yet we still can't get rid of her. At least when she made Crossroads she was still cute. We don't need another Britney Spears movie. Please, someone, anyone, put this project in turn around. But Britney is said to be determined to prove her acting abilities.
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