depp1.jpgThe movie won't be released nationally until July 15th, but the first test screening review has surfaced for Tim Burton's Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. The Bowler, who was part of the second screening audience in the world to see the film, filed a full spoiler-filled report over at Of course, some of the effects were not fully rendered, and the music was made up of temp tracks, but this is to be expected with a test screening. Most of the movie follows the same route as the original. We're treated to "sometimes hilarious, sometimes overly drawn out song and dance by the Oompa Loompas." Also added is a lot of new backstory on Wonka himself, and on how the little guys came to be. Most of the audience seemed bored with the Wonka flashbacks, saying it ruined his mystique. But the end verdict is, "Tim Burton has taken the timeless masterpiece, went back to what made it amazing, and tweaked it just enough to make it his own."

Update: A new more detailed review from the test screening is available here.
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