Know your bloggers! As you may (or may not) have noticed, there are a lot of new cooks watching the Cinematical soup - here's a handy guide to all your scribes. Part One of Two.
  • Karina Longworth is a writer, a recovering filmmaker, and the editor of Cinematical. She somehow talked New York University into giving her a Masters degree in Cinema Studies. She thinks The Scarlet Empress is an almost-perfect film, and Ghostbusters is almost as good, but she could watch nothing but the George Cukor version of A Star is Born every day for the rest of her life and die a happy girl. When she's not watching her garden grow at Cinematical, she writes for TV Squad, as well as sundry print publications. And yes, she was born in the 80s.
  • Kat Parr is a writer in exile from New York, living in Austin, Texas. Some of her favorite films include Bells are Ringing, starring Judy Holliday and Dean Martin; David Lynch's Dune; A Star is Born (only because Karina forced her to watch it over and over again); and Mishima. She reads obsessively, is studying 18th-century handwriting, is a bonafide sci-fi nerd, and Spiderman 2 made her cry like a little girl.
  • C.K. Sample, III, the editor of The Unofficial Apple Weblog,  is getting his Ph.D. in literature with some film theory on the side.  Akira Kurosawa is his favorite director. His all time favorite movie is Jaws. He's a media addict who dreams of one day making a stop-motion animation film based on Kurosawa's work and a documentary about Southerners living in New York City.
  • Bob Sassone is editor of TV Squad and author of the essay collection Book, With Words and Pages. He's also editor of Professor Barnhardt's Journal and has written about media and pop culture for The Boston Herald, Esquire, McSweeneys, Compuserve, Tripod, and other publications and sites. Favorite movies: It's A Wonderful Life, Swingers, Out of Sight, L.A. Confidential, Evil Dead 2.
  • When you look up "Film Geek" in the dictionary, there's a picture of Peter Sciretta. An aspiring writer/director, Peter wrote and directed a feature film in 2002. He works at an aquarium and volunteers at the Sundance Film Festival each year. His favorite creators are: Kevin Smith, Paul Thomas Anderson, Reel Big Fish, and Chuck Palahniuk.