nicole048.jpgOkay, so, earlier today, we were absolutely dumbfounded to learn that Nicole Kidman was set to star in the next Wong Kar-Wai film, The Lady of Shanghai. Now we feel silly, because a proper investigation reveals that this news has been readily available on the web for at least a year - although, as far as we can tell, details are still extremely sketchy. Here's what we've been able to find out:

Reports of the project apparently started circulating in Spring of 2004, around the time Wong started doing press for 2046. Shooting was originally scheduled to begin that June, but Kidman's schedule got complicated; this report suggests they'll now go before cameras in July of 2005. Knowing that Wong tends to work slowly (2046, for instance, took five years to complete), Kidman reportedly has agreed to work on Lady on breaks from other projects. As of January 2005, the project had no completed script, but Wong was quoted by a Chinese newspaper as saying the film would "mainly feature English" - a first for the Hong Kong-born director. Kidman will play a "woman of mystery", in all likelihood stylishly moping around 1930s Shanghai. There is no indication that this project bears any direct relationship to the 1948 Orson Welles film of the same title, although one imagines the coincidence isn't completely accidental.