Robin-Williams-in-a-lawsuit-with-his-impersonator-2.jpgRobin Williams is suing a man named Michael Clayton, for allegedly duping a couple of apparently very easy marks into thinking he was the actual, Oscar-winning un-funny man himself. A gossip columnist for the Minnesota Star Tribune set up an interview with "Robin Williams", and though "surprised by the blond hair" on the man who showed up, proceeded to interview Clayton without a second thought. Clayton allegedly also fooled Shirley Collins, a charity organizer, by calling her up and (no, hold on, wait for it) pretending to be Mrs. Doubtfire. Dear god. Can I get in on this lawsuit somehow? I think we need to get some kind of law in motion banning the impersonation of celebrities that are already completely intolerable. Isn't one Robin Williams enough of a pox on polite society?
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