cloak01.jpgThis summer, there's no potential parking slot more valuable for a summer movie trailer than the lead-in to Revenge of the Sith. With 9,000 prints in 3,700 locations, Sith is getting one of the biggest openings ever, and with industry-wide revenues famously down, the studios are salivating over its precious lead-in real estate. That drool factor is going to go way up if, as the LA Times is suggesting, George Lucas really has insisted that distributors limit the number of trailers before his film to five. According to exhibitor John Logan, violating the trailer cap could incur serious penalties. "In the contract, it says they could pull your contract and feasibly pull your print," he tells the Times. Only Fox is guaranteed a trailer slot, in exchange for distributing Lucas' self-produced film. They've positioned a Fantastic Four trailer in that single gap, but they're also angling for a promotion slot for Mr. and Mrs. Smith.