starwarsrevelationsposter.jpgStar Wars fan films have been done before, but they're usually only a few minutes long and the special effect are rarely better than okay. The internet probably contains thousands of them, and a good amount can be found at Atom Films alone. But Star Wars: Revelations (only a 5.9 on imdb), made on a $20,000 budget, is a fifty-minute film with world-class special effects and a decent storyline. The film follows the last Jedis, fighting to survive while being hunted by the Empire. Taking place between Episodes III and Episode IV, the tagline is "The Rebellion Begins." The movie is available for download via Bit Torrent - there's 2 DVD Special edition, a 150mb version for the Sony PSP, and many other formats. The only thing that slows this down is the acting, which is as bad as the special effects and story are good. I highly reccomend this fan film. You should at least check out the trailer.
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