Know your bloggers! As you may (or may not) have noticed, there are a lot of new cooks watching the Cinematical soup - here's a handy guide to all your scribes. Part Two of Two.
  • Keith McDuffee is a busy I.T. Manager by day, switching hats to blogger mode by night for Blogging Baby, TV Squad and of course, Cinematical. While working for years at a video rental store while Karina was still in diapers, he was forced to watch One Crazy Summer, Better Off Dead, Back To School, Back To The Future and other PG classics hundreds of times over. Now Keith has an affinity for B-Movie horror amoung other things -- go figure. Some horror/thriller favorites: The Usual Suspects, Evil Dead 2, Creepshow.
  • Ryan Stewart is a reporter for Dow Jones. He did one film review for Time Out New York five years ago, which also makes him a certified film critic. He was born the same year Superman came out, but unlike Superman, he did not crash land into Kansas. His favorite film is Vivre Sa Vie. He also enjoys anything by Jean Renoir, Billy Wilder or Josef von Sternberg. Ryan has an apartment in a bad neighborhood, and was recently called away from watching Hiroshima Mon Amour at 11:00 at night in order to convince a police officer that he was not involved in the spray-painting of a car.
  • Chris Thilk deludes himself everyday into thinking he's a writer.  This has been brought to new levels now that he's contributing to Cinematical, as well as TVSquad and AdJab.  Chris also runs his own Movie Marketing Madness blog and writes a column by the same name for  When he's not trying to balance writing with his day job Chris lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and two sons. He'd like to pay anyone and everyone with a WB or Disney Channel sitcom on their resume to stop making movies.
  • Kim Voynar is a writer living in Seattle with her husband, four of her six kids, her mother and three lazy cats. She has been in love with movies since she first bawled her eyes out at the end of ET. After years of writing in the business world, she is ecstatic to be writing about film, which is far more interesting than marketing copy. Fave films include Pulp Fiction, LA Confidential and A River Runs Through It. In addition to writing and homeschooling four kids under the age of 8, she loves theater and spends far too much time designing costumes and makeup and acting in community theater with her daughter.