The first sneak preview review hit Aintitcool today for Mr. And Mrs. Smith, which is the couple-spy movie headlined by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Tom Jolliffe says it falls somewhere in the middle of this year's summer movie expectations. It could have been a summer blockbuster if it were another year (one without Star Wars, Batman, Wonka...etc). "It’s simple and it’s a blatant cash cow star vehicle, but what really makes it better than the usual is (director) Doug Liman," who gives the film a taste of independent style. It's a blow em up action flick "full with enough zingers and comedy moments," what could be "the summer's best car chase," and an action packed last half hour that doesn't fizzle. Pitt is good but not entirely convincing in hand to hand combat scenes, while Jolie "can kick ass." Vince Vaughn is hillarious in what should be called an extended cameo. Bottom line: "It’s brainless but very enjoyable." You can read Tom Jolliffe's whole review over at aintitcoolnews.