counted all the pennies and came to the conclusion that the "Star Wars franchise over the course of its lifetime is sufficient to eclipse the annual gross domestic product of Paraguay--nearly $20 billion." The movies themselves have grossed $5.67 billion globally when adjusted for inflation. That could buy more than 907 million tickets to Episode III, "enough for every person in the Western Hemisphere, with the entire population of Poland included twice. Or enough tickets for every person in the U.S. to see it three times," observes Forbes. Toys have grossed a grand total of $9 billion. Star Wars took home an easy $800 million on DVD alone, making its total home video total worth an inflation-adjusted $2.8 billion. LucasArts have sold more than 27 million Star Wars games at an average price of $37 since 1995 domestically, with a global take of $1.5 billion, and with an estimated 70 million Star Wars books in print, revenues equal more than $700 million. But what about George? Star Wars creator George Lucas has a net worth of over 3 billion.
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