• SHH has a look at the conflicting stories on the recent casting on X-Men 3. What's for sure is Scott Madej has officially been cast. The question is, what character will he play? It was originally announced as Gambit, but now a report from the BBC says Madej was cast for flashback scene(s) playing a younger version of Charles Xavier. When we figure this out, you'll read it here..
  • Natalie Portman showed off her shaved head, which she had done for her upcoming comic book movie V for Vendetta, at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival's Episode III Premiere.
  • Spider-Man 3: Now Playing Magazine has the second part of their interview with Sam Raimi online. Check it out, it's an interesting read.
  • The entire Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Script is online at the IMSdb. I'm late to the boat on this one, should be reading Jason's blog more often.
  • The U.S. premiere of Batman Begins will be held on June 6th at the Grauman's Chinese theaters in Hollywood.
  • SFX magazine talked with Batman Begins composers Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard: "We never really had a solid plan," says Howard. "I have a stronger presence in the first half and Hans has the same in the second. There are two themes primarily. One relates to his journey and the other relates to the action."
  • The new Batman Begins TV spot which aired during the Survivor: Palau finale on CBS last night is online.
  • The WB has officially announced that Smallville will be returning for a fifth season, but the show will move to Thursday nights at 8pm.
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