This summer George Lucas is planning to move as many as 1,500 employees into a new $350 million headquarters in San Francisco's Presidio. At the same time, Lucas himself will concentrate on making smaller films and documentaries back at the Skywalker Ranch. Starting in July, staff will begin the move into the new center which will house as many as 1,300 to 1,500 Lucas employees by next fall.

The headquarters will feature 600 miles of fiber-optic cable, 4,000 processors and 150 terabytes of storage. This will give Lucas enterprise employees the ability to work 10 times faster than they can today. But in the end it seems to be about getting everyone under one roof to work together. "They'll be eating in the same cafeteria, exercising in the same gym -- and working on the same software," reports

Thanks to, and what seems to be an open house party, we bring you pictures of the Empire's new home. That Yoda fountain is awesome.
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