John AugustWho names a film, and how do they decide what to name it? Screenwriter John August takes a stab at the question in his latest blog entry, and you might be surprised by his answer. While most of his films have been adaptations, that doesn't make it any easier to pick a title. Charlies Angels: Full Throttle was picked by the marketing team; John's working title was Charlie's Angels: Halo. GO started out as a short film script called X, named after the drug. The working title for the feature script was 24/7, which was dropped when he learned of an existing british film with the same name. He took the name GO from a Die Hard-type action thriller that he kept pitching to studios without any sucess. The studio added a "!" to the end of the title in one press release, which has continued to haunt him. August also talks about Planet Ice which later became Titan A.E. "I think some projects sell mostly on their title," says August. "A vampire thriller set in Alaska is an okay-not-great idea. But 30 Days of Night is a kick-ass title, which is why Sony bought it."
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