As we told you yesterday, Screen Gems has announced they will begin filming a $50 million dollar version of the popular fighting video game Tekken this fall. Dimension had originally picked up the rights to Tekken at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival but the film was dropped in the divorce to Disney. Didn't they learn anything from the Street Fighter and Mortal Combat movies? Fighting games don't translate well into a compelling movie plot. The script will be written by Face Off scribes Michael Colleary and Mike Werb, who are capible of turning out a good story. But I still tend to believe you can't make lemonade without the lemons. Mr. 3000/Drumline director Charles Stone III is also attached. At least it's not Paul WS Anderson (not to be confused with Paul Thomas Anderson) or Uwe Boll, who appears to be on a mission to ruin as many video game franchises as he possibly can. Why has nobody picked up the rights to a Zelda film yet?

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