Can you feel it? It's almost here - Revenge of the Sith premieres in six hours as the EST crow flies, and right about now is when one or two (or 9 million) fanboys are losing control of their faculties. So in the spirit of, uh, staying in the Star Wars spirit, we're putting together a library of  the best Lucas-themed distractions, to tide you over until you can justify leaving for the theater. Got links? Send 'em in.

  • Star Wars Radio Ads - Adorably retro in light of the crushing futurism of current Lucasania - they even make "Rated PG" seem somehow monumental.
  • Bill Murray's Star Wars lounge act.
  • Songs from the infamous holiday special - including the voices of Carrie Fisher, Diahann Carroll, and your favorite Golden Girl and mine, Bea Arthur!
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