• Jack LarsonJack Larson who played Jimmy Olsen in 1973's Superman, will be playing the part of Bibbo in Superman Returns. The chatracter of Bibbo has appeared both in the comics and in Superman: The Animated Series. He's a friend of Superman, and owner of the Ace O' Clubs tavern/bar.
  • BatmanOnFilm claims that actor Liev Schreiber is in the running to portray Harvey Dent in the planned sequel to Batman Begins.
  • Frank Gorshin, best known for his Emmy-nominated role as The Riddler on the old Batman TV series, has died at age 72.
  • Production Stills from the upcoming DVD release of The Crow: Wicked Prayer are online.
  • Forbes continues its Star Wars coverage this week with an article comparing world's two geekiest franchises: Star Wars vs. Star Trek.
  • IGN continues *it's* coverage with the Top 10 Lamest Star Wars Characters Of All Time. While Jar Jar Binks is featured, he doesn't hold the top spot. 
  • JMAZone.com has posted some pictures of Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman on the recent New York shoot for Fantastic Four.
  • Big Fantastic Four displays are now showing up in theaters.
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