Steve Carrell"Virgin is more Office Space than The Hot Chick, and Carrel has far more charm than a carrot or a stapler," reports SuperMedz who saw a early two hour cut of the film at a recent test screening. The main character Andy (played by Steve Carell)  collects action figures (mint on card), works at a Circuit City knock-off, never goes out, and most importantly, he has never had sex. Star Wars fans can probably relate (I know, too easy). When three of his co-workers discover his secret, the mission is on to get him laid. So, just like American Pie, we're thrown in with this simple premise. "It’s Carrel’s self-depreciative charm that makes the film." Paul Rudd is "absolutely hilarious" in a great drunken bit with a video camera. Seth Rogan is also very funny as the token stoner. Romany Malco is over the top, and obnoxious. Catherine Keener doesn't show up until the second half, and by this time, "the funniest parts are over." She’s a little too aggressive for this movie and was by far the worst tested thing. The audience didn't like her what-so-ever, so expect a lot of stuff to be cut. There's a couple of great sexual harassment gags between Andy and his boss played by Jane Lynch. "This is the type of comedy where out of a hundred jokes, one falls flat." Read the whole review at AICN. The movie will hit US Theaters August 19th.
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