Usually on Fridays, we round up the week's new releases. But this week ... there kind of are none. Most of the studios saw Star Wars coming and got the hell out of the way. So this week's installment is more like In Theaters: New and Recommended - not just brand new releases, but new-ish films that are worth checking out.


Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist
- Yeah, you're right - there already was a prequel to The Exorcist. This project was shot first, by Paul Schrader; he was kicked off the project by the production company Morgan Creek and replaced by Renny Harlin, who reshot the film with star Stellan Skaarsgaard intact. That was released last year as Exorcist: The Beginning; Schrader re-edited this one, showed it at a film festival this spring, and got Morgan Creek (yeah, the studio who dumped him) to ante up some finishing small-change. The critics like it better than Harlin's version; that probably won't stop a good segment of the audience from being thoroughly confused.


Kung Fu Hustle
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (also check out our Enron Blog)
Mysterious Skin
Funny Ha-Ha

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