super-size-me.jpgHow many people are suing Morgan Spurlock? So far we count two. First, a lawyer who appeared in Super Size Me brought a defamation suit against the filmmaker, alleging "disparagement to reputation". But that was a small filet o' fish compared to Spurlock's newest legal challenge. Cast Iron Partners is suing Spurlock for $40 million, on the grounds that they provided the documentarian with office space in exchange for a 25% stake in Spurlock's company. "We bet on this long shot and it hit and they're basically trying to keep all the money," said Cast Iron Partners attorney Bill Kelly. Spurlock has not seen the suit (he's in Cannes, darling) but told Reuters in response to the allegations that that he thinks Cast Iron's accounting is off. "I personally haven't even made close to that," he told Reuters. I haven't even made a million dollars."
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