"The father turned evil. The son didn't. Was Anakin Skywalker the proverbial bad seed, or did he just have a tougher upbringing than his boy Luke?" asks an article on CNN.com. George Lucas says No. It was key for him to be seduced by the darkside of the Force. "As a prodigy with skills beyond his years, Anakin became seduced by the thought that he was destined for greater things than the average Jedi," says Steven Spielberg. Actor Hayden Christensen believes it has more to do with his extreme distachment from his mother. A child psychologist tells us that no one is born with a Napoleon complex. "Yet our genetic raw material does establish tendencies for how each person will respond to environmental factors." Luke grows up with a better support system, raised in a stern but loving home, which may be the key. What do you guys think?

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