Team America DVDAfter watching Team America: World Police, I really don't see how the major Hollywood studios can, with a straight face, make anymore big budget, star-studded action movies. I mean, this movie not only skewers the cliches and the bad writing and the predictable plot points that have inhabited every major adventure/disaster flick of the past 15 years (Armageddon, Twister, The Day After Tomorrow,etc), but - and I wasn't prepared for this - the movie actually works on its own as an action film itself. Now, I don't know if that's a compliment to the abilities of creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone or an insult, but there it is.

No, wait, that's a compliment. You go into the movie to laugh at the satire, to marvel at the puppet wizardry, and to see what the sex scene is that everyone is talking about. But a funny thing happens about 30 minutes into it: you don't sit there saying "hey, it's only puppets," you actually get into the plot and the characters. That's pretty wild.  

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