Jim Uhls has optioned the movie rights to How To Be Bad, the latest book from British writer David Bowker. Bowker's other books include Rawhead, I Love My Smith And Wesson and The Death Prayer. The story follows "a regular Joe Bloggs in his twenties, pinning after the one that got away". His life is turned upside down when she comes back into his life promising to be him with. However, there is just one small condition; she'll only return if he kills one of three people she suggests. Uhls made his screenwriting debut with Fight Club to much praise. The problem, in my opinion, is that everyone gives Uhls too much credit for Fight Club's final product. I tend to believe Chuck Palahnuik (the writer of the book) is the real genius behind the movie, and David Fincher was perfect to direct. To Uhls' credit, he stuck very close to the novel, almost word for word, and the one or two scenes that had major changes did improve on Palahnuik's choices. So if this book is good I have no doubt Jim will make it better. But don't expect the biting dark humor and insight of Fight Club without Palahnuik.
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