lacart3.jpgIn what strikes me as the best news for lovers of avant-garde horror since Dario Argento hit the ballet, Young British Artists Jake and Dinos Chapman are planning to make a horror flick for FilmFour. Best known for their subversive 2-and-3-dimensional tableau, often involving mannequins engaged in various acts of depravity, this will be the Chapmans' first foray into 4-D aside from "a porn film and some puppet films". But this project isn't intended to be one for the galleries - as Peter Carlton, the head of FilmFour told the Guardian, "Jake has said he doesn't want it to be an art film - he wants it to be the sort of film where it's on the shelves of Blockbuster as a DVD so he can show his children." Dino, for his part, is pretty confident they'll pull it off - or, at least, do a better job than fellow YBA-turned-filmmaker Tracey Emin. "I never saw Tracey's film but I'm sure it's rubbish. I'd put money on it," Dino said. "There are two of us so I suppose there's a 50% extra chance of making a good film."

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