Sunny Deol.jpgAndre Soares at Cinema Minima is reporting that special police forces have been posted outside over a dozen movie theaters in Delhi, after explosions at two cinemas killed one person and left 49 people injured. The blasts were related to screenings of Jo Bole So Nihal, a Hindi-language film starring "Bollywood muscleman" Sunny Deol as a Punjabi policeman sent to New York to help "the incompetent FBI" foil a plot to assassinate the president. The film has already been pulled from theaters in Punjab, due to protests from the Sikh Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee. As Soares points out, this is not the first controversy to befall Bollywood this year - aside from the casting couch scandal we told you about back in March, threeotherfilms have have drawn literal or metaphoric fire from various religious groups.
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