Settling into the screening room Thursday night, surveying the regulation buzzcuts and chestnut Sarah McLachlan cowlicks around me, I apprehended that I might not be the target audience for this low-budget, Will Smith-produced film. But I was prepared for anything.

As a romantic dramedy, Saving Face sort of, kind of works, despite the fact that it’s basically a roundelay of recurring cliches and ancient movie conventions that have been recycled countless times. (A team of anthropologists in Kenya recently discovered a last-minute-airport-boarding-gate-confrontation scene carved on a cave wall)

The biggest compliment I can pay the film is that it takes itself seriously, and doesn't shortchange the characters in order to amp up the laugh factor or hammer home any played points about Struggling With Identity. It has a few memorable moments, and doesn't resort to stereotypes or shy away from reality.

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