With all the excitement over Episode III, I decided put together the Star Wars Web Watch posting to cover all the news and related websites that were popping up but didn't deserve it's own news posting. I only expected to do one of these. This is the third one. So I guess I'll keep banging these out until the links stop coming and the excitement dies.
  • For the guys, here's a collection of Slave Girl Leia cosplay pics. There are various levelsCosplay of being a geek and their aren't many higher than this link.
  • If the Revenge of the Sith trailer were subtitled by Hackers, it would look something like this.
  • Learn about Lightsabers at the Internet's Open Source Encyclopedia - wikipedia.org.
  • In this morning's fanFILM we showed you The Art of the Saber. A new trackerless bit torrent of the film is now available for your downloading pleasure.
  • Maybe seeing Sith in DLP is THAT much better?
  • As the story goes, in 1977 Greedo was brutally gunned down in a Mos Eisley Cantina...But he DID NOT Die. Find out the whole story at SaveGreedo.com.
  • A video recorded in line for Revenge of the Sith on opening night.
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