Iomega believes DVD media is far from the end of it's life. They have filed patents to remain competitive with upcoming optical storage technologies such as Blu-ray and HD-DVD which would involve Nanotechnology. The new technology could multiply the current maximum capacity of 8.5GB by a factor of 40 to 100, the company said. The firm was granted two patents that cover a specific use of nanotechnology in combination with optical data storage as well as a "method and apparatus for optical data storage." In the patent description, Iomega talks about a technique of encoding data on the surface of a DVD by using reflective nano-structures to encode data in a multi-level format. Does this mean we'll be seeing a third party enter the upcoming DVD format war? Probably not. The technology involved in this patent is probaly a couple years off. But we may be looking at the predicessor to this next generation of digital media. With Nanotech increasing that generation to over 800gb of data, I can't even concieve of what this would mean for home entertainment. But at the current DVD quality you could most likely fit the Disney's 400 title library (without extras) on one disc. What do you guys think?

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