• bestofeverything.jpgThe Best of Everything: The best of those great, mid-century "can women have it all?" workplace melodramas, starring Joan Crawford as the over-the-hill execuBitch from somewhere just north of Hell, and Hope Lange as the naive strumpet trying to learn from her mistakes.
  • The Aviator: Somebody just give Martin Scorsese an Oscar already so he can go back to plotless, character-driven anti-epics. Oh wait, that's what this is. Well, give him an Oscar anyway.
  • Are We There Yet?: In a reasonably savvy expansion-of-empire move, Ice Cube does one for the kids. 27 on MetaCritic? Well, they can't all be XXX...
  • Pooh's Heffalump Movie: Kids today are probably way too hip for Winnie the Pooh. That's okay, it's good for them, so make them eat it anyway.
  • Tony Rome, The Detective, and Lady in Cement: "Deserted by his former Rat Pack comrades, Sinatra seems a lonely, anachronistic figure" in these detective movies, says Dave Kehr. But The Detective "stands out for the ambitiousness of its screenplay".
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