There are a lot of forces within Hollywood that could be accused of
"promoting homosexuality", and/or making "trash films". But Disney? Are you serious? Apparently, deadly so - the American Family Association has just called off a nine-year boycott of the Disney company. The problems date back to 1996, shortly after the so-called Mouse House began its association with Miramax and also refused to form an "advisory panel of evangelical Christians" at AFA's request. The conservative group also objected to the welcoming of (or, really, the lack of restriction against) "Gay Day" revelers at the Disney theme parks. But now, with the Disney/Miramax ties all but completely severed, and Michael Eisner (who was "the main part of the problem," according to AFA president Tom Widmon) on the way out, the group sees enough "positive signs" to resume their patronage. One of those signs is the adaptation of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - which, according to The Guardian, has Widmon "agog with excitement."
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