• Bradley Beesley, director of The Flaming Lips documentary The Fearless Freaks, is "far too close to his subject to offer a critical perspective, but he achieves a level of intimacy with the band members that most rock documentary directors can only dream of."
  • Caryn James explains what's wrong with the New Documentary Wave: "Even as the genre leaps out of its niche, it is suffering from a tyranny of substance over style." There's also an Audio Slide Show.
  • "I'm fed up with having to defend my right to live in this country," says the French-born, ethnically-Moroccan comedian Jamel Debbouze. So fed up that he his first serious film about it.
  • "[I]t isn't the future being shown, and it isn't really history either. It's something like a history of the future, or a history of ideas about the future" Edward Rothstein tours the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle.
  • "There is nothing more fun than blowing up tired traditions to create better business models and better customer experiences," says Mark Cuban, talking to David Carr about 2929 Productions.
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