• Sci Fi Channel will be airing a look at footage from Batman Begins during Sci Fi Pictures' Darklight, at 9:00pm on Tuesday, June 14. Hosted by the stars and director Christopher Nolan, this is your chance to go behind the scenes of Batman Begins and see the stars answer your questions.
  • SHH has a look at a new Fantastic Four Poster.
  • Star Wars producer Rick McCallum told Irish radio station Red FM, that after a month off in August, they'll start coming up with ideas for the live action Star Wars TV series.
  • TheMovieBox.net has posted three more TV spots from Batman Begins.
  • Rhythm & Hues has announced that they're working on the special effects for Superman Returns. Previous films include Daredevil, The Chronicles of Narnia, Serenity and The Skeleton Key.
  • X-Men 3is set to film from August 2nd to December 15th at the Vancouver Film Studios on the eastside of the city.
  • AICN has a sneak preview review of Batman Begins.
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