In a effort to single-handedly (get it?) punish both shoddy journalism and lazy wardrobe maintenence, Burt Reynolds slapped a television producer last night at the premiere of The Longest Yard in New York. When the WCBS producer admitted that he had seen neither that film nor the 1974 original, both of which Reynolds starred in, the actor swung once and said:

"What…kinda guy are you? The guy has never seen the… he asked me to tell him about the picture, he's standing here in a shirt that needs ironing ... He's a nice guy, he's a tough guy, he wants to hit me now, he can't, 'cause he's under contract. But we'll meet later if you want."

That rumble didn't happen - after the screening, according to CBS, Reynolds disappeared. The actor's rep insists that the perhaps rightfully annoyed Reynolds merely "playfully tapped" the producer. Based on this CBS video, it may have been playful but it at least *sounds* like a little bit more than a tap. Watch and decide for yourself.