Last night they screened the first 45 minutes of Michael Bay's The Island at the Academy in Beverly Hills. AICN's Badhat was in attendance. "As someone who has felt something less than like for Michael's previous movies, I'm happy to say that the first half of The Island is the best film of Michael Bay's career," reported Badhat. Bay has matured as a director and has help from a great cast. The film takes its time to set up the characters and a compelling story, which definitely pays off when the mayhem breaks loose. The rest of the audience also seemed impressed. "If the second half is as good as the first, there may be hope for this summer yet." You can read the whole preview review at AICN, which also features a more detailed spolier filled review. They apparently showed a car chase scene from later in the film which one review rants: "Think The Matrix Reloaded chase with Return of the Jedi speeder bikes but bigger, faster and cooler!"
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