1_G.jpgIt's official: Vin Diesel is the New Arnold. John Patterson breaks it all down for us in The Guardian. Sure, Diesel's bouncer resume can't really compare to Schwarzenegger's Pumping Iron pedigree, but it did give him plenty of experience "delivering such deathless lines as "You're not on the list" and "Talk to the hand, bitch!"". The paths of the two hard-bod, soft-head thespians only converge from there: they've both done their time as the "manly B-movie sci-fi psychopath" and the "suavely sexist superagent", and The Pacifier is - of course - Vinnie's Kindergarten Cop. So should we start bracing ourselves for the reign of Senator Diesel? Maybe not quite - at least, not yet - but you never know: "Given Dubya's evident deafness in foreign policy, Vin might find a comfy berth at, say, the White House Commission on Talking To The Hand, Bitch."
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