The teaser trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia is appropriately jump-cut and swirling with an operatic theme - meaning yes, it's quite the tease. We get snippets of Narnia, frozen over with cool white snow and sharp, vibrant colors. Tilda Swinton is pasty-faced and completely spooky, but CGI Aslan, The Great Lion, looks very much a CGI creation. I do like the beasts in the darker scenes, but I have a feeling they're costumed folks, not CGI. The battle scenes are overwhelming in scope, and I'm hoping on the big screen they look as convincing on they do on my tiny laptop. It's a snap judgment on my part, but young Skandar Keynes as Edmund is not entirely convincing in his brief moment of speech, and as the rest of the trailer is thunderous music, we don't get to glimpse any of the other performances (Aslan doesn't even have a voice yet). Again, a true teaser. Overall, the film looks like a must-see for the fantasy oriented, which means that at the very least, I'll be there.