"It's kind of like bulimia," says Chuck Palahniuk, author of the book that spawned David Fincher's Fight Club, in response to a question asked by NPR host Rick Kleffel about the way he modulates social behavoir as material for his writing. Chuck continues:

My way of being with people is probably incredibly unhelathy, in that I'll be incredibly social, and I won't write a word for maybe a year, and I'll just be with people, going to parties and soaking up stories, and just sort of recharging all of my ideas. And, in a way, that's like overeating. I will eat everything in the bakery. And then I will sit down and I will vomit it up, alone at home in the toilet - which is my word processor. And then I will go back out and I will overeat everything in the bakery, and I just binge and purge, and binge and purge, and that's my way of being with people.

Kleffel has an MP3 of the entire interview on his site. [via boingboing]
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