• vdogtown_knoxvill2.jpg"The tattooed, the unshaven and the transgendered" hit Hollywood last night for the premiere of Lords of Dogtown. Also, Johnny Knoxville showed up dressed like a pilot. Because dumb is the new ironic.
  • Turner Broadcasting and CBS have paid $27 million to acquire the TV rights to The Longest Yard. Even if it's not a hit, common wisdom suggests that young male viewers'll pretty much watch anything with Adam Sandler in it. Anything, that is, except for Spanglish.
  • An independent theater outside of Palm Springs is fighting with chain Century Features over the right to open Cinderella Man.
  • Warner Brothers has bought two books by James Patterson - author of the thrillers that became Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider - with an eye on starting a franchise for young adults. Presumably not starring Ashley Judd.
  • Rob Reiner has signed with CAA.
  • "Nancy Reagan is the patron saint for all those children who feel Washington isn't listening to them." There's nothing like taking Army Archerd out of context.
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