kiss.jpgRevenge of the Sith: love it, hate it, or greet it with complete indifference, most of us can agree that some of the dialogue could use a little work. So, in typical Cinematical fashion, we're going to throw some money at the problem. Take a page of "love" dialogue between Padme and Anakin (go here to download a Word document of the RotS script); rewrite it, and send it back to us at cinematical -at- The best entry wins $100, and four runners-up will win $25 each.

Here are the rules:

1.  You have to keep the setting and the action of this scene intact, and the gist of any narrative exposition should still come across. But...
2.  ...within those parameters, you can keep or trash any of the actual words as you see fit.
3.  All entries should be limitied to ONE PAGE of dialogue, or roughly 250 words.
4.  Entries will be judged on quality of writing, originality, and general improvement over Lucas' version.  Basically, the winner will be the chunk of dialogue that makes us want to go and shoot it ourselves with puppets.
5.  Entries are due this Friday at 5pm EST.
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