Welcome to the first addition of Script Sales, a new feature we'll be doing on Cinematical throughout the week. Here's where you'll be able to hear about new projects just bought or greenlit. Know what's going on years before the movies hit the theaters!
  • Regency Enterprises pictures bought the rights to Ollie the Otter, based on Kelly Alan Williamson 's best selling children's book. Madagascar scribe Billy Frolick will write the animated picture about a rare California sea otter who is captured by an illegal kelp harvester and sold to an animal park's compassionate keeper.
  • Prince & Me writer Katherine Fugate has sold a pich for a yet to be titled romantic comedy to New Line Cinema. The script will follow a group of couples, whose Los Angeles-based lives intersect on Valentines Day.
  • Robert Kurson has sold the rights to his upcoming book, Into the Light, which will be completed next year to Fox 2000 for $1 million dollars. The drama follows a man who's been blind since childhood, and who has the chance to regain his sight thanks to advancements in stem cell surgery. But will this really play well on the big screen?
  • Paramount Pictures bought the rights for a political thrillerto be adapted from Bourne Identity novelist Robert Ludlum’s book The Chancellor Manuscript. The story follows Peter Chancellor, who turns in a novel about D.C. power brokers who are blackmailed into altering U.S. policies. When some operatives get hold of the manuscript, they think he has uncovered their actual scheme and they try to hunt the author down. Ludlum's estate got $4 million for the book rights, while Here on Earth scribe Michael Seitzman got $1 million dollars for the script. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way and the Ludlum estate will produce.  DiCaprio will also star. Sounds like a great conecept to me.
  • Beacon Pictures purchased a horror thriller called Serial written by Adam Ripp and Steven Wolfson. The movie will be an ensemble in the vein of Saw.
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