So by now you've heard about Blogebrity - the fledgling blog-gossip blog that's working on dividing the girls and boys behind the, uh, blogosphere (yeah, I said it) into A, B, and C list status. Even leaving aside their very smart decision to add several of us WINsters to various columns (there's like 70 of us; if we didn't get at least a 10% namecheck, shit was gonna get rough), we love Blogebrity because it multitasks as an excellent blogroll. Which is why it's super interesting to see a bunch of Hollywood types sprinkled across the various lists. Actor/director Zach Braff and multi-mogul Mark Cuban are A-list; Dave Navarro is B-list; Rosie O'Donnell's sits right above our own Kat Parr on the C-list. There are probably more celebrities masquerading as blogebrities, but my head is so inflated after making the B-list that it's actually hard for me to read.
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