Yesterday we heard rumors of Friends: The Movie, George Lucas' idea for a Star Wars prequel prequel, and the Wayans brothers talked about an idea for a White Chicks sequel. Well today's not getting much better... Chris Rock's considering making a Pootie Tang 2? Chris Rock told college website Echo Online: "We keep talking about it. I don't know, man. Start a club. Get some people to sign a petition. It's weird. There are some people who love Pootie Tang and then there are other people who hate Pootie Tang with a passion and want to destroy Mr. Tang. But I would love to do another Pootie Tang. I live to do another Pootie Tang. So it could happen." Yes, please, someone start a petition online. Let's stop White Chicks 2, Pottie Tang 2, and Friends: The Movie from contaminating the big screen.
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