Via Movie City Indie: Sports columnist Bud Poliquin points to the possible start of an unlikely feud between Ingmar Bergman and everyone's favorite journalist slapper, Burt Reynolds, who apparently told Esquire magazine that he'd rather "be shot in the leg" than watch a Bergman film. Hmmm. That's "an opinion to which [Reynolds] is certainly entitled," Poliquin says. But, he continues, "my guess, and it's just that, is that the old Swede might prefer to pour some burning charcoal into his skivvies and then take a seat upon a rusty spike" to watching the remake of The Longest Yard. One more hint as to where his review might be going: "Apparently, it wasn't bad enough that Hollywood has made a star out of Ashton Kutcher ... [n]ow, it's remaking old Burt Reynolds flicks, which, I suppose, is one way to channel Dom DeLuise." Not that a Dom DeLuise reference doesn't guarantee instant comedy but ... what?
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