It's commonly known that if you've been called back to the awards ceremony in Cannes, you've almost definitely won something. But when Miranda July got the call last week to return to the Palais, she was clearly informed in advance of the reason. "We won everything!," said her producer, Holly Becker. "We won the Prix du Jury for critics week, we won the young audience award, we won the very young audience award, and we won THE CAMERA D'OR!!!! I didn't even think we'd get into Cannes!"

And so Miranda cancelled an appearance at SIFF, and got on a plane to arrive in France with only enough time to pick another free dress at Dior, fix her dirty hair ("I kept saying that I had just washed it that morning, but finally I had to admit that this had been 15 hours ago and I had been on three planes") and hightail it to the Palais. She wrote another genius blog entry all about it, and included handheld video shot whilst waiting to walk down the red carpet.
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