• In the unsubstantiated rumor mill, I went to a party recently only to bump into an animator working in Richard Linklater'sA Scanner Darkly. Cinematical recently mused on the whereabouts of Bob Sabiston, who was integral in putting together the complex animations of Waking Life. Well, drunk as my animator snitch was, he said not only did Sabiston jump ship, but he took a whole crowd with him, and now Linklater's left with half a staff. Hey, that rhymed.
  • Local rag The Austin Chronicle has all the updates on upcoming film The Cassidy Kids. In producer mode, Bryan Poyser takes a shot at a sequel to Dear Pillow, about a 1980 murder solved by a rag-tag group of kids. Also making news: the Independent Feature Project (IFP) gets a chapter in Austin; vampires start filming the low-budget Insatiable in June; and if you love Star Wars but fear the light-saber, you can drive to Taylor, Texas to see the show for a mere 4 bucks. Robert Rodriguez'sThe Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl premieres 5 days early for Austinites, on June 5th. The rest of the nation has to wait until the 10th. Ha.
  • Matt Dentler wants to know: with all this film-musical-film craziness going on (he just saw TheProducers in Austin, the musical based on Mel Brooks' film, which is about to be turned into yet another film) will Hollywood ever get around to making original musicals again? Note: Moulin Rouge does not count.
  • The Austin Film Society starts up it's Essential Cinema Series this June with Shattering the Narrative: European Cinema 1960-1972. Showing at Alamo Drafthouse Downtown, it'll kick off on June 7th with Breathless, and close appropriately with Satryicon on July 27th.
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