filmlist.Demonlover.jpgIt was a blast reading everyone's Netflix top five lists. It was especially cool to see how varied our readers' tastes are - only a couple of titles appeared more than once (although who knew so many people were into The Woodsman? Or, for that matter, National Treasure?) So, here's my new top five - almost entirely made up from suggestions from you guys:

  1. The Stranger - Orson Welles, Edward G. Robinson. For a new feature we're working on for Cinematical that'll premiere next week.
  2. demonlover - Original score by Sonic Youth, and starring My Number One Girlcrush, Chloe Sevigny? I don't remember why I didn't end up seeing Oliver Assayas' tech-corporate nightmare from 2002, but I think it's time to remedy the situation.
  3. Felicity, Season 4 - I've actually been watching a lot of this on the WE network, but for some reason this week they skipped the weird "Felicity-travels-back-in-time" coda to the final season. Well, I can probably figure out why ...
  4. La Terra Trema - I searched Le Troux, inspired by Becky's list, but then this caught my eye in the search results. It's been awhile since I've seen it, and it's definitely time.
  5. Dodgeball - "Not worth leaving the cave for", says chumahan, but, oh man, I saw this in theater the day after getting dumped, and it worked wonders. I laughed so hard I almost threw up.
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