Batman New TimesFriday on FanFilm we took a look at the first animated LEGO Batman fan film - Batman: Revenge. Today we take a look at Batman - New Times, a Computer Generated animated LEGO Batman film by the students of In this story The Joker and his henchmen do all they can to spoil Gotham City's New Year's Eve party, and Batman must save the day. Harley Quinn also joins in on the fun. One thing that immediately stands out is the casting. Mark Hamill who played the Joker in the animated series returns to play Lego Joker. Adam West voices Batman's lego counterpart, and Dick Van Dyke is Commissioner Gordon. The casting alone is top notch, and this is a student production? The lego animation is as good as it can get. It's maybe something you'd expect from the LEGO company themselves. To think this six minute fan film was created by a bunch of students is astounding.

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