• pict_SAVING-FACE.jpg"Our poor little Dogtown movie is going to be crushed by Star Wars." Emile Hirsch, star of Lords of Dogtown, sulks through dinner in Venice.
  • Saving Face is "The first movie wholly about Chinese-Americans bankrolled by Hollywood since Disney released The Joy Luck Club in 1993." Ed Leibowitz explains how it got made.
  • Terrence Rafferty on James Dean: "Dying young means never having to rebrand."
  • Luis Mandoki, a Mexican-born director best known for a handful of irrisistibly drippy Hollywood romances (Message in a Bottle, White Palace), has gone back to his homeland to make a documentary about a highly-charged mayoral election.
  • Joel Topcik timelines School of Rock vs. Rock School, allows doc director to vent.
  • Blah blah blah Jane Fonda is old, blah blah blah let's figure out what to do about that.
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