Grocery Store Wars
Usually I'm against any entertainment content that harbors hidden motives or big messages. Grocery Store Wars is a glorified advertisement for Organic Food, but somehow it won me over. Maybe it's because the motive isn't so hidden. It's a creative Star Wars spoof using puppets, from the guys at Freerange Studios. As the opening crawl should say, "Not so long ago in a supermarket not so far away... These are dark times. For over a thousand generations, organic food like this lived in harmony with the ways of the farm. The farm gives them their power. It's a kind of a "field" that creates all edibal things. But alas, the market has been taken over by the dark side of the farm. An empire of pollution and pesticides ..." Luke is played by a cucumber named Cuke, Obi-Wan is Obi-wan Cannolli, and R2D2 is TofuD2. Watching Eggs painted as Stormtroopers march towards the camera ... it doesn't get much better than this.

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