Alice Wu, director of  the new indie rom-com Saving Face, wrote an email letter to the APA First Weekend Club last week, urging members to go see her film in its opening weekend, in which she relayed a conversation she'd had with a Canadian customs official the night before. The customs guy asked her what kind of films she made, and Wu described Face as "an old-fashioned romantic screwball comedy." When the customs guy dismissed Wu's work as "chick stuff", Wu told him that he might think differently if he saw her lead actresses - "three beautiful women." The customs guy apparently considered this for a minute, then said, "I do like beautiful women. But no male leads? Where does the romantic part come from?" Wu answered, "Two of them are lesbians." The custom guy's response? "Something for everyone, then."

Saving Face, incidentally, made $100,000 on 6 screens this weekend, which is about 1/700th of what Sith made on about 600 times as many screens.